DataTouch Products and Services

The DataTouch tool set is a series of integrated software modules for the end user to facilitate total control over PII, segmenting and securing the data shared with external trading partners. Each module is summarized to its functionality within the software application service.

Data Auditor

Data Auditor is a software application that runs locally on a PC or network server. It only requires a simple download once a new customer is registered. It provides the following functionality:

  • Identifies the ActiveX controls and data pumps installed and running on a shop’s computer system(s);
  • Associates the names of the companies that have the ActiveX and data pumps installed; and
  • Provides reporting on the following: the installed ActiveX and data pumps, the companies by name, what BMS/EMS data is being copied/extracted, and how often.

Data Administrator

Data Administrator is a cloud-based software utility that allows each shop location to have complete control over all of the ActiveX controls and data pumps running on the shop’s computer system(s) by:

  • Disabling ActiveX controls and data pumps that are no longer trading partners to the shop’s day-to-day operations;
  • Blocking the export of all Personal Identifiable Information (PII);
  • Selecting the repair lines that are to be shared with each trading partner; and
  • Making a monthly report available on the selected settings for each trading partner.

Data Enforcer

Data Enforcer is a back room, cloud-based software utility that will continuously monitor the shop software environment. It will:

  • Notify the shop that new ActiveX controls and/or data pumps have been installed;
  • Continuously advise the shop of the new install until the Data Administrator settings are approved by the shop; and
  • Make a monthly report available with new activity.

Data Reporter

Data Reporter is an online and/or monthly report emailed to the shop on the previous month's activity. It will provide:

  • The information being sent to each trading partner;
  • The number of estimates and supplements provided; and 
  • A system-generated control number for future reference if needed.

DataTouch has the technology solution you need to efficiently and effectively segment and control PII and your repair data.

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