About Us

Corporate Overview

DataTouch is a Nevada Limited Liability Company (LLC) that develops, markets, sells and services intelligent information management software tools geared to the collision repair industry. The company is privately held and backed with private investment capital. With offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, the company currently operates in the United States and Canada. Each member has full participation in the day-to-day operations and has a vested interest in the success of the company. All company personnel have experience in the automotive aftermarket industry and are skilled knowledge workers, with firsthand experience implementing and servicing licensed applications to the market segments served by DataTouch.

Our Mission

A Software as a Service (SaaS) provider to the collision repair industry, DataTouch offers software applications that secure personally identifiable information (PII) and collision repair data to be legally compliant and protected from third-party misappropriation. Furthermore, it delivers aggregated collision repair information back to its customer base, which can help improve overall operational results.

Operational Objectives

  • Allow each shop to securely manage its customer personal identifiable information. (PII)
  • Prevent the unauthorized copying of repair estimates and unnecessary repair information as part of the estimate by any third-party company. to for unauthorized resale purposes.
  • Provide low-cost software pricing that is subscription-based.
  • Maintain a reputation of listening to customers by acting on meaningful suggestions to enhance the company’s product portfolio.

DataTouch has the technology solution you need to efficiently and effectively segment and control PII and your repair data.

Our Technology