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Are you aware of the government regulations and important repair data you’re giving away with every estimate?

The importance of protecting the PII of every customer can no longer be ignored. Federal and state government agencies are prioritizing, and in some cases, have already implemented legislation that mandates your business protect all customer information. Also, your repair information can end up on a vehicle history report, resulting in your customer blaming you for sharing it without authorization.

Every estimate that you share provides third parties with all of the operational information about your business.

Some companies you may do business with compile estimate data and sell it for additional profit. This includes information that identifies your direct repair programs (DRPs), collision repair networks (CRNs), parts suppliers, discounts, labor rates by insurance company, and so much more. All of this is taking place today without your knowledge and consent. How can you stop sending the complete estimate to the various trading partners you do business with?

auto collision repear tech working on an estimate using datatouch software

DataTouch has the technology solution you need to efficiently and effectively segment and control PII and your repair data.

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